image004ChargebackHelp’s managed services extends VIP rapid response solutions for every client.

ChargebackHelp now offers all clients fully integrated managed services that provide direct response to fraud and customer-dispute alerts, handled by our case management experts at no additional cost. These managed services will give us the power to act on real-time alerts, delivering to you the most up-to-date fraud-prevention information available.

How else do you benefit from our managed services?


  • All ChargebackHelp merchants receive an experienced specialist to manage their fraud and consumer-dispute alerts, at no additional cost.
  • Respond to and resolve all alerts our merchants receive from Ethoca’s real-time fraud alert network and from CDRN within 24 hours.
  • Each specialist is able to escalate all issues directly to the merchant or the merchant’s gateway for streamlined resolution.
  • Our specialist team can optimize alerts for merchants to ensure there are no false positives, to increase revenue.
  • Because ChargebackHelp manages such a high number of alerts, we have the leverage to request credits from our partner vendors.
  • Upon request, our specialists can provide daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for all cases.

It pays to be part of our network.

In addition to managing alerts, ChargebackHelp’s team will show you other ways to manage fraud and reduce your rate of chargebacks. We even develop and write code for our merchants when needed to make chargeback management as effortless as possible. And we’re always seeking out new partnerships with the biggest companies in the business, like Universal Credit Trust (UCT), Ethoca, and Verifi, which specializes in chargeback recovery.

Our partnership approach extends to each and every client we serve. We connect merchants to the power of our network and to give them all the benefits of our merchant experience and chargeback-management expertise. That takes chargeback hassles off your to-do list so you can focus on your core business.

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