ethocalogoWe are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ethoca, a global fraud-detection network of card issuers and online merchants. Our direct relationship with Ethoca gives our clients seamless access to real-time Ethoca alerts via the ChargebackHelp portal.

These alerts, sent from card issuers to merchants, reduce fraud confirmation time from 3-6 weeks to as little as a few minutes, hours, or days. With this information, merchants can stop fulfillment on fraudulent orders, avoid chargebacks, and proactively spot fraudulent transactions and accounts.

“We’re excited to provide full Ethoca support and alert monitoring to our client merchants,” said Raja Roy-Choudhury, ChargebackHelp co-founder. “This arrangement allows us to deliver more value to our clients and help them reduce their risk of fraud and chargebacks even further.”

Responding to fraud alerts and customer disputes takes valuable time away from other merchant activities. Now with our partner Ethoca’s unique global network of card issuers and online merchants, we’re able to receive and act on real-time alerts, giving our clients the most up-to-date fraud-prevention information available.

For more details get in touch with a ChargebackHelp specialist at or call 1-800-692-6319.

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