Chargebackhelp has created BILLAPAY, a superior PCI-compliant payment gateway designed for high-risk merchants. As a ChargebackHelp company, Billapay works to reduce gateway costs by up to 80% while providing merchants the highest standard in fraud protection.


3D Secure Authentication
No change on excessive declines
PCI Compliance
API to integrate CRMs: NATS, Konnektive, LimeLight and more
Analytics geared towards subscription billing

Merchants can receive significant savings when combining the services of ChargebackHelp and Billapay. When experienced chargeback protection and a world-class gateway come together, merchants win! Call us and see what this winning combination can do for you at 1.800.975.9905.

Stop disputes. Eliminate chargebacks. Recover revenue.

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Get Total Dispute Management

  • Reduce disputes by up to 80%

  • Save time and money for your core business
  • Resolve alerts more efficiently
  • Recover revenue more effectively