One of our top priorities with CBH+ is to provide our clients with full transparency into their dispute management. Let’s say you’re doing your due diligence and reviewing your ChargebackHelp invoice, or you’re evaluating the effectiveness of your representments, or you’re a data nerd like me seeking deeper insights into your disputes … whatever the case may be, and you want to review your representment outcomes, here’s how it’s done…


CBH+ allows you to check your representment outcomes in the RECOVER module. You’ll click over from the dashboard homepage here at the RECOVER tab

—–[click RECOVER]

Once there, you see all your chargebacks listed in a data table. As always with data tables, you can show and hide columns by clicking “Layout Options” at top-right, and drag and drop which columns you either want to see or hide.

—–[execute drag/drops]

For instructional purposes, I am going to keep it simple by hiding most of my fields.

Once your data table is to your liking, you can search your chargebacks by whatever criteria you set out.

In this case, we’ll look for a chargeback by Outcome and by Dispute date range. But this search can be done the same for any of the criteria you’ve displayed.

Let’s say I’m looking for a chargeback I know I disputed sometime in May 2020, so I set that range here under Disputed Date

—–[set date range]

Now I can run the search right there, or I can narrow it further if I want just my representment wins by selecting “Won” under Outcomes

Once your desired criteria are all set, hit Search and you should see your chargeback come up.

—–[hit search]

If you don’t get the results you seek, you can click “reset filters” and try again.

Here’s your results. Now you can drill down into the chargeback in question by clicking its ID#

—–[click ID]

In this screen, you have the essential information up top: This chargeback was disputed, by whom, and its outcome

Then you have further info shown by default,

deeper information under “Show More”,

and sub sections with even more data:

  • Case History,
  • If duplicate chargebacks were involved
  • Customer Info
  • and then various compelling evidence categories

That’s how you look up your chargebacks in the Recover module.

Thank you for tuning in to our ChargebackHelp tutorials series, and thank you as always for partnering with us.