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We say it all the time at ChargebackHelp, “Knowledge is power.” And representment is another case in point. If you know when you should represent against a chargeback, your chances of winning representment increase significantly. Don’t be one of those merchants that waste time and effort representing every chargeback. Read more …

Hidden Costs of Fraud

You think chargebacks are bad? Try false positives…

While screening out fraud is a top priority, it is five times more important to avoid false positives-declining legitimate purchases as fraud. “Five times more” because merchants lose five times more to false positives than to chargebacks in time, resources, and revenue.

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Don’t Go It Alone When Fighting Fraud

Fraud prevention is a tightrope act. You want to protect your business from fraud and chargebacks. But if you overprotect, your bottom line can suffer. Absolutely do what you can to prevent fraud, but know what you can do in-house and know how to save time and money working with a partner like ChargebackHelp.

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Safeguards to profit from

How Friendly Fraud Can Actually Help Your Business.

Friendly fraud is the new “rubber check” because most issuing banks have a rubber stamp policy on chargebacks. Though the circumstances may vary, if a customer calls the number on the back of their card and asks for a chargeback, they’re going to get one. The transaction is six months old… doesn’t matter: chargeback. The customer did not contact the merchant… oh well, here you go: chargeback. The customer got what they paid for… yep: chargeback.

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Five tactis to fight fraud

5 Tactics to Un-friend Friendly Fraud

Our mission at ChargebackHelp is to prevent chargebacks and safeguard your merchant accounts. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it’s important for merchants to know how to fortify their transactions with preventative measures without discouraging sales. Here, we’ll show you how.

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Friendly fraud: customers caught in the act

Friendly Fraud, Awkward Enemy

As merchants, when we think of fraud, there’s nothing friendly about it. Yet the most common and costly form of fraud we face is called “friendly fraud.” The FBI currently ranks it as the #3 problem facing ecommerce. Here, we take a look at what’s so “friendly” about it, as well as the challenges and consequences merchants face from it.

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Referral network

ChargebackHelp Referral Program: Where whom you know pays

Now more than ever, it’s essential for merchants to build networks and get educated to protect their merchant accounts. Visa Inc. has tightened its requirements for merchants to prevent fraud and chargebacks. Read more …

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Fighting Back With ChargebackHelp

Don’t go it alone when fighting chargebacks. Most merchants are very good at resolving disputes with their customers. But even if you’re at the top of your game at customer satisfaction, resolving disputes with issuing banks and card schemes is much more challenging. Here’s how ChargebackHelp can help you fight back.

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Visa Chargeback Thresholds

The New Visa Rules Explained

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, because knowledge dissolves uncertainty. And there has been a lot of uncertainty generated from the latest changes made by Visa. As your partner in reducing chargebacks, ChargebackHelp will also reduce the daunting complexities of this change into terms merchants can understand, and profit from. Read more …

Visa Inc acquisition comparison

The Brave New World of Visa Inc.

Visa US recently purchased Visa EU, and the consequences have sent merchants scrambling on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly when it comes to managing fraud and chargebacks. While antiquated programs for managing fraud were due for some updates in the age of online commerce, it isn’t without some serious growing pains. With a sticker price of $23.4 Billion (with a ‘B’), the Visa acquisition is bound to drastically change the processing landscape. Read more …