chargeback fraud prevention

Getting Started is Easy!

Our client partnerships begin with custom programming. From the start, we identify the unique and specific needs of your payment processing workflow. We then customize a chargeback management program that best suits your needs.

This is a minimally invasive, confidential procedure that helps us determine a client’s fraud risk profile. That profile provides the foundation to build a tailored chargeback management program.

We’ll Show You How to Prevent Fraud — For Free!

You can begin that process today with a free, no-obligations chargeback analysis of your business. At the very least, ChargebackHelp’s experienced professionals will give you an eye-opening perspective on the challenges posed by fraud to your vertical and to your business in particular.

Call us at toll-free at 1-(888)821-5302, start improving your payments processing and stop fraud and chargebacks with ChargebackHelp, today!