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Welcome to Version 1.25.0

May 19, 2020: We are updating CBH+ to Version 1.25.0. Below is a list of updates and features added in this sprint.


  • Alerts – Improve the logic for “Reset Ethoca Outcome” functionality
  • Alerts – Fix the Search (searching by Received_at was not working)
  • Alerts – Fix the MCC selection issue, when Other was selected it was returning an error
  • Alerts – Add the Descriptor Contact Phone Number to the alert information iframe
  • Alerts – Add the consumer name in the alert info (for Verifi alert)
  • Alerts – Create the option to mark the alerts as Credits
  • Chargebacks – Create the “Case Status History”, track all the actions and status updates on individual chargebacks
  • Chargebacks – Create the option to import the chargebacks from CardWorks by excel import
  • Integration – Finished the Inovio integration for the following automated services: Alerts, Chargebacks and VMPI

April 29, 2020: Version 1.25.0

Here is a quick summary of the updates made:

  • We resolved some compatibility issues between Excel and Mass Resolve.
  • Scroll has been restored to full page
  • Notes have returned to layouts and can be exported
  • Alert outcomes are now set by default to “resolved” (Verifi) and “Stopped/Resolved” (Ethoca)
  • Integration with NetBanx for representment is now live

Here is the complete list of updates for v1.24.0:

  • Alerts – resolved compatibility issues bettween Excell and Mass Resolve
  • Alerts – “Update Ethoca Alerts” 500 errors resolved.
  • Alerts – Verifi, Cardholder Name now shows in alert info.
  • Alerts – “Resolved At” time and date is now visible.
  • Alerts. – Ethoca Outcome function resolved.
  • Alerts – Case Id and Card Number values transposed in iFrame columns; Card Number is now to the left, Case Id to the right.
  • Alerts – Query scope for Alerts Search Form expanded
  • Alerts – Notes have returned to layouts and can be exported
  • Alerts – Alert outcomes are now set by default to “resolved” (Verifi) and “Stopped/Resolved” (Ethoca)
  • Chargebacks – Duplicates blocked on manual inputs
  • Chargebacks – Create and add a Delete button for the Chargebacks, for imported duplicates
  • Chargebacks – Attachments store & show in preview.
  • Chargebacks – “Disputed At” added in the data table, search, and export function.
  • Chargeback – Allow new card number format as *1234
  • Descriptors – Phone number allowed format adjusted
  • Notifications – Alert information (alert id, case id, etc..) now on a separate row in email notification
  • Notifications – Alerts and VMPI notification emails sent hourly in batches
  • Performance – Improved load speed: optimized processes like merchant update, alert resolve, etc.
  • Reports – Date searches corrected to allow for same day range
  • Representment – Integration for manual import with NetBanx
  • Scroll – Scroll has been restored to full page, table header and footer made sticky
  • User profile – When the sidebar is closed, “Help” appears next to toggle button
  • User Profile – Transform MCC field into a dropdown with “MCC – Description” choices.
  • User Profile – Merchant names required to be unique. Enrolling merchant with existing name triggers error notification