Our agents and developers work tirelessly to maintain and enhance your user experience with our dispute resolution portal ChargebackHelp Plus (CBH+). Your input is our highest priority. If you are having issues with these changes or anything else, please let us know. If you have any comments, questions or issues, shoot us an email, or call us at 1.800.975.9905

Version 2.01

April 27, 2021: Here is the complete list of updates for v2.01:
  • Dashboard – BIN replaced with Bank Name in the “Alerts By” chart.
  • Dashboard – Safari & Firefox issue resolved: Alerts chart loads successfully when selecting “Quarter”, “Year” or “All Time” in all browsers (same for Reports-Alerts, Reports-Agents, Reports-Credits).
  • Order Insight – New search field “Refunded” added.
  • Order Insight – Auto-refund enabled for corresponding transactions.
  • Reports – Alerts count by Descriptor added as a chart option.

Welcome to CBH+ Version 2.0

April 5, 2021: Here is what’s new in version two:

New user interface layout.

  1. Sidebar menu has moved up top for better data output in tables.
  2. CBH+2.0 Menu
  3. Streamlined search: Search by dropdown or type-in autocomplete.
  4. CBH+2.0 search

Version 1.38.0

March 16, 2021: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.38.0:

Added optional two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator.

  1. Download the authenticator application here:
  2. Enable The Two Factor authentication in your CBH+ profile.
  3. Future logins will require the code sent to the app your device

Version 1.37.0

February 22, 2021: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.37.0:
  • Drop down menu display issues on Firefox have been resolved.
  • Improved API Validations for Alert Resolving through our API.
  • Updates to the API can now be found in the API v2.2 API manual in the Help section.
  • NMI integration for Order Insight is complete.
  • The User Manual was updated with new products and work flows.- Can be found in the Help section.

Version 1.35.0

January 12, 2021: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.35.0:
  • The current date and server time has been added to top right of the page.
  • Alerts – Help button available for clients.
  • Alerts – Fixed a UI issues that when an alert is open, the order in the background changes.
  • Alerts – Updated the logic for Duplicates.
  • Alerts – Improved Rocketgate for more detailed client information.
  • Alerts – Added the gateway Refund Transaction ID in the alerts info.
  • Products – Added RDR as a new product.
  • Reports – Chargebacks: A new chart named Chargebacks by Affiliate for Konnektive clients was added.
  • Reports – Updated Chargeback report charts.
  • Reports – Chargebacks, Counts are clickable and show relevant data sets.

Version 1.32.0

October 27, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.32.0:
  • Alerts – Search and pagination UI update to correct IE display issue.
  • Chargebacks – Add a new field in the Transaction Information named Gateway Transaction ID.
  • Chargebacks – Worldline import from excel file function has been updated to include the Order ID.
  • Chargebacks – Worldline, the rebuttal form now creates and submitted PDF file types
  • Chargebacks – PayArc – The API Import has been adjusted to starts from (-5 days) due to late import timing offsets.
  • Chargebacks – Imports from EMS, ARN and External ID data points added.
  • Chargebacks – Automate the chargebacks import from Trustpay.
  • Inform – The Inform data has been moved out of the Alerts data pool and put into its’ own section.
  • Integrations – BillaPay: End user Credit Card # updated for BillaPay.

Version 1.31.0

October 6, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.31.0:
  • Chargebacks – Customer ID field added in the chargeback form.
  • Chargebacks – Importing from EMS gateway via excel document enabled.
  • Integrations – Updated the Konnektive integration so that it auto marks Chargebacks on import.
  • Integrations – Added the ability to Import data from MyClientLine (Humboldt).

Version 1.30.0

September 15, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.30.0:
  • CBH+Deflect – Created a page for listing and export Order Insight requests.
  • CBH+Recover – Now supports PDF uploads for compelling evidence
  • CBH+Recover – Fixed the issue where Unit Base Costs fails with validation message even if is not enabled.
  • CBH+Resolve – Issuing bank name now displays in Verifi alerts
  • Reports – ID field is now a mandatory field, in position number 1.
  • Profile – 12h(AM/PM) or 24h time format option added in User Preferences.

Version 1.29

August 26, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.29:
  • Alerts – Users may choose email notifications for alerts by hourly batched emails or per alert.
  • Alerts – Pending Alerts with same card Number now appear at the bottom of the Alerts summary page/popup, added a list
  • Alerts – Email notifications are now sent by “Received at” Time/Date, not by “Alert Date.”
  • Chargebacks – AutoFill functionality has been added for Rocketgate fields.
  • Dashboard – Card Type has been added to Alerts Report Pie Chart sort options.
  • Dashboard – UX update, formatting issues resolved for displaying long usernames.
  • Integrations – Verifi CDRN API 1.5 is now installed in CBH+Resolve
  • Integrations – Results Merging Rules for multiple providers (Rocketgate Merchant Order Pulling API)
  • Integrations – NATS CRM support has been added as a source for chargebacks, Order Insight, VMPI and Consumer Clarity,
  • Reports – Added support for FRF Currency

Version 1.28

July 21, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.28.0:
  • Alerts – Made Unlock sit in-line with other buttons.
  • Alerts – Fixed Mass Resolve error when alert isn’t found.
  • Alerts – “Resolved By” date filter now working properly.
  • Browser Comatibility – Fixed an issue on Safari and Chrome where the table header was doubled and/or off centre.
  • Chargebacks – Fixed issue where the preview was showing only the first page of a PDF attachment.
  • Exports – Date and time in the exports included in file name.
  • Modules (Resolve) – Users can now customize a predefined default Layout.
  • Modules (Resolve, Recover, and Deflect) – date range for the listed data now defaults to last 6 months.

Welcome to Version 1.27

June 30, 2020: ChargebackHelp Plus Version 1.27 now contains the CBH+ main modules:
DEFLECT = Prevents disputes by sending real-time compelling evidence via VMPI, Verifi Order Insight, Ethoca Consumer Clarity
RESOLVE = Manages Alerts, issues refunds for fraudulent transactions
RECOVER = Chargeback representment module recovers your revenue from friendly fraud
  • Alerts – Add the “Resolved By” and “Resolved At” in the Table, Search Layout and Export
  • Alerts – Fixed: View Button -> Pop-up – in a small window, the scroll was not working
  • Alerts Mass Resolve – Updated the errors given on upload to give more detailed information
  • Chargebacks – Add “Closed At” date in table, export, search
  • Chargebacks – Fixed: “Closed At” when importing issues.
  • Chargebacks – Fixed: Resetting expired chargeback no longer resets the “Closed at” date
  • Clients – Added the ability to add Passwords for Gateway, CRM, Processor to the clients Merchant Descriptor section
  • Dashboard – Fixed: The dashboard responsive layout has been updated
  • Integration – Rocketgate Automation using the Rocketgate API, we automate the following actions:
    • Refund on behalf of the VMPI alerts
    • Cancel subscription on behalf of the VMPI alert
    • Get transaction info for the VMPI alert
    • Get transaction info for the Chargeback service
  • Menu – Changes to the current Menu version to use the New Terminology ( Resolve, Recover, Deflect)
  • Reports – Fixed: Alerts- Card Brand filter
  • Reports – Fixed: Chargebacks- Sorting by Merchant/Mid/Processor

Welcome to Version 1.25.3

June 26, 2020
  • Alerts – Duplicates prevented from imports
  • Alerts – Credit card number (first 6 and last 4) and additional customer details now included in mail notifications
  • Alerts – Added the Overlap/Duplicate indication in the alert pop up for the pending alerts.
  • Alerts – Resolved alerts can now be open in the pop up same as the Pending ones.
  • Alerts – Fix the issue of the Alerts page getting stuck after clicking on “Save & Next Button”.
  • Alerts – The “Duplicate ID” Logic has been updated
  • Alerts – Timeoputs for Save & Next Button resolved
  • Alerts API – Added the option to update the merchant account details through the API
  • Alerts API – Logs now store only last 30 days activity
  • Dashboard – The widgets at the top of the dash board now reflect the same data as that selected in the charts selections.
  • Search – The default selectable options are no longer doubled in search by source.
  • Statements – VMPI alerts tally repaired in the statemtents
  • Clients Module – We have created a new section in the Client profile named Passwords. This can be used for adding all the gateways, CRMs or processors logins info (login page, username, password, etc)
  • Welcome to Version 1.25.0

    May 19, 2020: We are updating CBH+ to Version 1.25.0. Below is a list of updates and features added in this sprint.
    • Alerts – Improve the logic for “Reset Ethoca Outcome” functionality
    • Alerts – Fix the Search (searching by Received_at was not working)
    • Alerts – Fix the MCC selection issue, when Other was selected it was returning an error
    • Alerts – Add the Descriptor Contact Phone Number to the alert information iframe
    • Alerts – Add the consumer name in the alert info (for Verifi alert)
    • Alerts – Create the option to mark the alerts as Credits
    • Chargebacks – Create the “Case Status History”, track all the actions and status updates on individual chargebacks
    • Chargebacks – Create the option to import the chargebacks from CardWorks by excel import
    • Integration – Finished the Inovio integration for the following automated services: Alerts, Chargebacks and VMPI

    Version 1.24.0

    April 29, 2020: Here is a quick summary of the updates made:
    • We resolved some compatibility issues between Excel and Mass Resolve.
    • Scroll has been restored to full page
    • Notes have returned to layouts and can be exported
    • Alert outcomes are now set by default to “resolved” (Verifi) and “Stopped/Resolved” (Ethoca)
    • Integration with NetBanx for representment is now live

    Version 1.23.0

    April 24, 2020: Here is the complete list of updates for v1.23.0:
    • Alerts – resolved compatibility issues between Excel and Mass Resolve
    • Alerts – “Update Ethoca Alerts” 500 errors resolved.
    • Alerts – Verifi, Cardholder Name now shows in alert info.
    • Alerts – “Resolved At” time and date is now visible.
    • Alerts. – Ethoca Outcome function resolved.
    • Alerts – Case Id and Card Number values transposed in iFrame columns; Card Number is now to the left, Case Id to the right.
    • Alerts – Query scope for Alerts Search Form expanded
    • Alerts – Notes have returned to layouts and can be exported
    • Alerts – Alert outcomes are now set by default to “resolved” (Verifi) and “Stopped/Resolved” (Ethoca)
    • Chargebacks – Duplicates blocked on manual inputs
    • Chargebacks – Create and add a Delete button for the Chargebacks, for imported duplicates
    • Chargebacks – Attachments store & show in preview.
    • Chargebacks – “Disputed At” added in the data table, search, and export function.
    • Chargeback – Allow new card number format as *1234
    • Descriptors – Phone number allowed format adjusted
    • Notifications – Alert information (alert id, case id, etc..) now on a separate row in email notification
    • Notifications – Alerts and VMPI notification emails sent hourly in batches
    • Performance – Improved load speed: optimized processes like merchant update, alert resolve, etc.
    • Reports – Date searches corrected to allow for same day range
    • Representment – Integration for manual import with NetBanx
    • Scroll – Scroll has been restored to full page, table header and footer made sticky
    • User profile – When the sidebar is closed, “Help” appears next to toggle button
    • User Profile – Transform MCC field into a dropdown with “MCC – Description” choices.
    • User Profile – Merchant names required to be unique. Enrolling merchant with existing name triggers error notification