Cardholder Dispute Resolution NetworkTM (CDRN®)

There’s no need to accept chargebacks as just the cost of doing business. You can stop chargebacks before they start – on your terms. The CDRN patented, closed-loop process provides near real-time notification of disputes via direct integration with top issuing banks, enabling you to resolve the dispute directly with your customer and prevent the matter from escalating to a chargeback.

ChargebackHelp, an authorized reseller partner of Verifi, provides the CDRN patented closed-loop solution to ensure you’ll get the highest quality and most accurate information to help you avoid paying for or acting on false alerts. This helps prevent revenue and profit drain due to over-refunding and from the fees, fines, and penalties that result from chargebacks.

  • Pauses the dispute up to 72 hours to provide a quick resolution
  • No manual reviews or erroneous disputes
  • Helps prevent future recurring chargebacks
  • Easy setup, no IT burden
  • Advance notice on pending authorizations helps stop loss of goods and services
  • Stops up to 40% of fraud and non-fraud chargebacks
  • Immediately reduces risk of losing processing privileges
  • Improves customer experience and longevity
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