The scope and influence of the COVID19 virus is unprecedented in the history of the world. There’ve been plagues, and far worse ones, but this is the first time the world has stood down to mitigate its effects, together. Unless you’re a child, whose universal prayer for no more school was finally answered, the consequences and challenges we face from Corona-time 2020 are unnerving. Hopefully this finds you well, that you’re remaining calm and safe at home, washing your hands and face regularly and all that good stuff. Fraud however is not self-isolating, so ChargebackHelp is currently operating at 100%, managing disputes and recovering revenue for our merchants. Our agents are working your dispute queues, and our development team is fully supporting our management portal, ChargebackHelp Plus. This is actually familiar territory for us at ChargebackHelp. We’ve fallen back to our home offices, which is where we started and built this business from. So we’d like to share our how to work-from-home (#WFH) experience for those of you that might be new to this landscape.


If you’re fortunate enough to be working from the safety of your home, there’s a few tried and true rules to follow …
  1. Respect the hours. Have a set work schedule and ensure your friends, family, roommates, etc. honor those hours by not disturbing you. This includes yourself! Make a schedule and stick to it.
  2. Keep it organized. You’re not around the coworkers that keep you on-task, so you need to make better to-do lists. Keep memos of what you did each day, to check against your to-do’s and to show your work when requested. Also, a better organized workspace is easier to access and back up…
  3. Back it up! You’re not at the office, and no one else is backing up your work. Make sure you’re backing up your workspace to an external drive or secure cloud platform. Also, an uninterrupted power source (UPS) will save your tail if the power goes out.
  4. Pick a pal: Find a colleague or acquaintance who also works from home whom you can check in with, for accountability. Report to each other on projects and progress, and have those “water cooler” moments. It’s like having a sponsor; they’ll keep you honest and engaged.
  5. Get out more. It’s all too easy to go feral at home, cut off from the world you normally commute to. Make up for that with [online] workouts, [virtual] happy hours, or have other social interactions [while maintaining a safe distance of course]. Stand up, stretch, don’t eat at your desk and bathe, brush & floss for goodness’ sake!


Office-bound friends often envy those of us who can work from home, but it comes with its own challenges. With a home office, you’re always at work. If something goes wrong, you’re right there to handle it. But you can overdo it and wind up in excessive isolation. Insomnia can lure you into rabbit holes that you otherwise wouldn’t go down. You might blink and suddenly half a day off was spent at the desk. The home office is also riddled with distractions. Lingering chores, pesky family members or needy pets, the allure of a comfy couch, and the fact that no one is over your shoulder will all test your discipline. While it’s good to take breaks, do so within a structured routine. If you take a nap, make up for the time you took. One last bit of advice: enjoy the lax dress code! Put away the jeans and tights and invest in a proper rotation of pajamas. Sweatpants, robes, and hoodies are essential attire for the home office. And for those who want to go nude, that’s the spirit! Just throw a towel down where you sit, and place some tape on that webcam! Have a dress shirt handy for video calls, but otherwise, get comfy. We’ll all be here for a while.


We are in uncharted territory with this virus. However, ChargebackHelp is working at full capacity in the familiar environment of our home offices. Hopefully, we can pass on some helpful information to those of you that might be new to working from home. As always, contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the health of your merchant accounts. And take care of your personal health as well. Good luck to you all. Stay safe, stay isolated and stay processing.