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The Perfect Customer Service Response to Chargebacks

Chargebacks are commonly considered to be a friction point between merchants and customers. But it doesn't have to be. Merchants that take the initiative can put chargebacks into the win column with a few easy steps taken before, during and after a disputed transaction. BEFORE As they say, a stitch [...]

A Closer Look at Processors

Today we do a deeper dive into the world of processors. They handle the money — they're very important, so it's important for merchants to have some insider knowledge about them and the merchant services they provide. WHO ARE THE REAL PROCESSORS? The world of processing is split between two [...]

Five Common Chargeback Myths Destroyed

Chargebacks are one of the less-glamorous byproducts of the merchant life. They're inconvenient, problematic, and often misunderstood. Like all murky troubles in life, understanding chargebacks is not that straightforward and it generates a lot of gossip, misinformation, and myth. Below are the five most common myths surrounding chargebacks and chargeback [...]

How to Win at Subscription Billing

Recurring or subscription billing has taken e-commerce by storm. This is where products and services are provided and billed for regularly over time. Many merchants in the high-risk verticals have been doing it since before it was cool, but the widespread acceptance of this billing model by consumers has helped [...]

The Cost of Chargebacks

"How much?" is perhaps the most-asked question of all time. Unfortunately, in the payments industry at least, it's also the most difficult to answer. That's especially true when it comes to how much do chargebacks cost for merchants. So many variables come into play, including the type of business it [...]

Arbitration is Not Your Friend

Arbitration chargebacks are the "ugly divorce" of transaction disputes. It means you have exhausted all reasonable recourse to resolve a dispute between you, the cardholder, and the banks, and you have to "go to court". Arbitration is expensive, time-consuming, and risky; it has to be absolutely worth it if you're [...]

How to Win at Chargeback Reversals

There is a common misconception about chargebacks going around, that they can be "reversed." Lots of our competitors out there say you can reverse a chargeback through representment, but that's fake news. The truth is, even if you can "reverse" a chargeback and snatch your revenue back from the jaws [...]

Could you, should you charge processing fees?

Just because you can doesn't always mean you should. In most cases, you can legally charge processing fees and surcharges. Doing so can take the sting out of your processing costs. But here's the bottom line: nobody likes to see charges tacked on to a purchase. So how can merchants [...]