MCC Codes identify businesses within an industry or “vertical” designating some as high risk for fraud and chargebacks. If your business is designated a high-risk MCC, you have to be vigilant against processing fraud and chargebacks. Find your business MCC by entering your MCC number, your business vertical, or by simply clicking the red “high-risk” tab to see if your vertical comes up.

MCC MCC Title & Description Risk Level
3412 A-1 RENT-A-CARNot considered high-risk
7623 A/C, Refrigeration RepairNot considered high-risk
3374 ACCENT RENT-A-CARNot considered high-risk
8931 Accounting/Bookkeeping ServicesNot considered high-risk
3354 ACTION AUTO RENTALNot considered high-risk
3681 ADAMS MARK HOTELSNot considered high-risk
3064 ADRIA AIRWAYSNot considered high-risk
3441 ADVANTAGE RENT-A-CARNot considered high-risk
7311 Advertising ServicesNot considered high-risk
3043 AER LINGUSNot considered high-risk
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