Single Endpoint for All Disputes

CBH+ integrates disputes from all card networks, issuers & alert services and merges them with your transaction stream to provide the most responsive dispute management available.

Prevention is the Priority

We empower the merchant to inform cardholders and their issuers at the point of inquiry, before it escalates into disputes. Our approach to total dispute management begins with preventing disputes with innovative products like Order Insight™ and Consumer Clarity™.

Representment ROI Guaranteed

CBH+ mobilizes your transaction and fulfillment data for prompt and effective representments against friendly fraud. Our dispute data capture optimizes the process to fight chargebacks with the best chance of success, driving down costs and boosting your win ratios.

Extend Your Brand Presence

Managing disputes not only saves time and money; it’s excellent customer service. CBH+Deflect positions the merchant brand on cardholder statements. CBH+Resolve expedites refunds to cardholders for superior outcomes to chargebacks.

White-Label Custom Solutions

If you are a merchant services provider, CBH+Enterprise customizes all the CBH+ modules to the needs of your merchants. This includes white-labeling our custom solution with your brand. Give your merchants exactly what they need, and get the credit you deserve.

Stop disputes. Eliminate chargebacks. Recover revenue.

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Get Total Dispute Management

  • Reduce disputes by up to 80%

  • Save time and money for your core business
  • Resolve alerts more efficiently
  • Recover revenue more effectively