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“Chargeback Help has been a great addition to our company. They have helped us prevent chargebacks and they continue to keep us abreast of any new tools that may benefit our business and ultimately help our revenue stream. They get back promptly and are easy to deal with. Thank you Chargeback Help!” Brian C CEO, Muscle Factor X
“Chargeback Help and the partners they work with have been a great additional tool, that we use to help avoid chargebacks. When we first tested it, the alerts were solid and we found very few false positive notifications, which can be costly. Chargeback Help has definitely helped us keep our merchant accounts clean and healthy, and their team is friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.” Greg Anders Operations Director, Online Connections Inc
“Chargeback Help has had an integral part in decreasing our chargebacks for all of our clientbase. We were set up very quickly with the product and began to see great results in reducing our chargeback count. Chargeback Help continues to provide our clients with outstanding customer service.” Meghan Muir Director, Pure Web Pay Inc