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Are Blacklists Effective for Fraud Prevention?

Blacklisting is not a cure-all against eCommerce fraud; it employs some useful mechanisms for catching suspected fraud, but declining these transactions may not always be the best course of action.

Does It Pay to Process Venmo?

Merchants looking to connect with the next generation of consumers will certainly want to consider peer-to-peer payment (P2P) solutions like Venmo, but is Venmo a good fit?

In-House or Out-Sourced Dispute Management? What You Need to Know

Dispute management is a balancing act. You want to protect your bottom line from fraud and chargebacks, but you don't want to add to the cost by throwing time and resources at the problem that could be better spent elsewhere. To strike the right balance, know what you can do [...]

How the US Congress Created Chargebacks

Chargebacks were created almost fifty years ago by the Fair Credit Billing Act to protect consumers from abuse. Unfortunately, little has been done to adapt the chargeback to today's eCommerce landscape, making it into a tremendous burden for merchants.

The ChargebackHelp Guide to Order Insight

Order Insight sends transaction data to issuing banks to prevent cardholder inquiries from becoming disputes and chargebacks. Learn how it can deflect disputes and reduce chargebacks for merchants.

Total Dispute Management for Merchants

Are you losing revenue to friendly fraud and chargebacks? Total dispute management prevents disputes, reduces chargebacks and recovers revenue lost to fraud. This is how you get it through ChargebackHelp Plus.