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Welcome to ChargebackHelp Plus

CBH+ integrates all the tools to manage transaction disputes in a single endpoint. We maintain those integrations so you don't have to. Users can keep track of any updates we make here.

How To Look Up Your Representments

The RECOVER module manages your representments. Here you'll learn how to set, search and examine your outcomes.

How To Look Up and Resolve Pending Alerts

How to use the CBH+RESOLVE module to look up pending alerts, sort data in tables, and set outcomes.

Eliminate Friendly Fraud with CBH+Deflect and Order Insight

Get crucial insider knowledge on preventing friendly fraud to retain more revenue with this webinar, co-presented by Verifi.

How We Connect Merchants to Dispute Management

Whether you're a small business using out-of-box ecommerce applications or you're running sophisticated custom platforms, ChargebackHelp integrates you with the most effective dispute management solutions available.

Stop disputes. Eliminate chargebacks. Recover revenue.

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Get Total Dispute Management

  • Reduce disputes by up to 80%

  • Save time and money for your core business
  • Resolve alerts more efficiently
  • Recover revenue more effectively