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Reduce Chargebacks
Up to 40 Percent

Relax and enjoy the benefits of increased revenue
and healthy merchant accounts for your business.

Let Us Protect Your Business!

We prevent chargebacks and detect fraud

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Convert Lost

Revenue into Sales

By analyzing credit card declines, we can recover your lost business and positively impact your bottom line.




• VIP Rapid Response Solutions
• 24 Hour Real-Time Fraud Alerts

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Who We Are

As former merchants, we use our extensive experience to understand your needs and assist you in developing the best strategy to prevent chargebacks. Over the years, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies, well-known and small businesses in a wide range of industries – including travel, gift cards, online retailers, subscription services, telecommunications and multi-channel retailers.  We use the most advanced technologies and proactively stay educated on the latest policies to remain on the forefront of industry trends and developments. Our dedicated team is passionate about protecting your business and finding the right solution to best serve your needs and long term growth.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers benefit from up to a 40 percent prevention in chargebacks using our streamlined processes that saves both time and money. Our clients are protected by the power of our network with such benefits as real time fraud alerts 24 hours a day, international debt collection in over 100 countries and VIP rapid response solutions for every client.

We provide each of our clients with a customized solution that caters to the needs of their specific business. Our dedicated team is focused on helping your business reduce and prevent chargebacks.

How We Help

When you are effectively managing chargebacks, your merchant accounts stay healthy and in good standing at all times. This has allowed our clients to be more proactive in their pricing and sales strategy because their chargeback ratio is lower.

ChargebackHelp isn’t simply going to sell you the newest or most trendy product; instead, we use our extensive product and industry knowledge to select the solutions that will save your business the most time and money.