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Who We Are

As former merchants, ChargebackHelp knows the challenges that fraud and chargebacks pose to your business. We also know how to confront those challenges with proven solutions that can safeguard your merchant accounts from costly fees and penalties.

Over the years, we have worked with businesses big and small in a wide range of industries, keeping their payment processing in good standing with the banks. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, ChargebackHelp builds custom solutions that prevent chargebacks and recover merchant revenue lost to fraud.

Why Choose Us?

If you do business online, you are a target for fraud and chargebacks. ChargebackHelp can prevent up to 40% of chargebacks for merchants. Our streamlined processes save our merchants from costly penalties and prevent the risk of losing their credit card processing.

We have extensive contacts and access throughout the payments processing industry that you can benefit from as our client. Those benefits include 24/7 fraud alerts and world-class customer service tailored to your specific processing needs. Our dedicated team is focused on helping your business discover and reduce chargebacks.

How We Help

Merchant accounts require effective chargeback management to stay in good standing with the banks. Acquiring banks can penalize merchants heavily if the fraudulent activity that they process exceeds Visa and MasterCard thresholds. By discovering and reducing chargebacks and recovering revenue lost to fraud, ChargebackHelp allows our clients to be more proactive in their pricing and sales strategy.