Today, we’re going under the hood of CBH+ to show off how it connects merchants to the most effective dispute management tools to prevent disputes, resolve chargebacks and recover revenue. Through ChargebackHelp, merchants get a comprehensive, card-agnostic solution to protect their revenue from fraud and unwarranted disputes. Let’s look at how that connection works.


There are two primary categories of data that merchants need to leverage in transaction disputes: transaction data and real-time fulfillment data. Transaction data is generated from each purchase made with the merchant, and is typically pulled from the gateway.

Transaction Data includes:

  • Product details
  • Authorizations
  • Cardholder contact info
  • Device ID
  • Purchase IP

Fulfillment data is generated in the course of delivering that purchase to the customer once the transaction is authorized, and is usually stored in a customer relations management platform or CRM.

Fulfillment Data includes:

  • Delivery confirmations
  • Engagement and Support logs
  • Cardholder logins

This data allows merchants to tie cardholders to their purchases in cases of friendly fraud and helps them better recognize purchases. To mobilize this data, ChargebackHelp Plus can use the native APIs of gateways and CRMs for the most expedient integration.


However, many businesses have unique security and privacy requirements, they’re using custom ecommerce applications, or they’ve already engaged those native APIs, where using them is not feasible. For these cases, ChargebackHelp has developed its own dynamic API to integrate custom merchant platforms and comply with each client’s unique requirements. This is the CBH+ Merchant Order Pulling API (MOP).

The MOP API creates a single connection to all relevant merchant platforms, encompassing gateways, CRMs and more. This allows merchants to customize what they want to connect to the dispute management infrastructure. Most importantly, as with all CBH+ integrations, the MOP is a connection, not an aggregation of data. CBH merely connects merchant data to dispute management tools; we do not store or access the data in any way.

Whether you’re a small business using out-of-box applications with native APIs or you’re running a sophisticated and custom ecommerce operation, ChargebackHelp can get you integrated. Our connections are secure, reliable and effective at deflecting disputes, preventing chargebacks and recovering revenue. If you have further questions or you’d like to see a deeper demonstration of how we integrate your platforms, contact us today. Send us an email, call us at 1.800.975.9905 or contact us here.