Our Products And Services Have One Goal In Mind – To Solve Your Chargeback Issues.

Merchant Services
ChargebackHelp can get merchants processing on the right foot by providing them with merchant accounts through our close relationships with both domestic and offshore banking entities.

Chargeback Prevention Solutions
ChargebackHelp can prevent up to 40% of your chargebacks by intercepting cardholder disputes and issuing refunds to resolve them.

Custom Programming
We identify the unique and specific needs of your payment processing workflow to customize a chargeback management program that best suits your needs.

Managed Alerts
If our customers do not want to handle their fraud alerts themselves, we can do it on their behalf. The only additional information that we need is admin access to your payment gateway. This is our Managed Services option, and we can get you set up within 24 hours.

Chargeback Representment
ChargebackHelp parses each fraud alert automatically to determine the validity of the dispute. In many cases, the merchant can fight to keep the revenue. ChargebackHelp provides representment services to accomplish that on the merchant’s behalf.