Managed Services Save Merchants Time and Money

Most merchants are not in the business of fighting fraud and preventing chargebacks, nor do they want to be; they are busy providing their respective goods and services. Alerts from cardholder transaction disputes often slip by undetected and become chargebacks, wreaking havoc on a merchant’s bottom line. If our clients lack the resources to handle their fraud and chargeback alerts in-house, we can do it on their behalf. This is our Managed Services option, and it is proven to help merchants reduce up to 40% of their chargebacks.

How Managed Services Work

With Managed Services, ChargebackHelp has dedicated staff monitoring all the fraud reporting agencies. We merge them into a single portal which also integrates our clients’ gateways to automate fraud alert resolutions. We can work with most gateways and CRMs, as well as with custom solutions our clients may be using. We can even provide merchants with our own proprietary gateway BILLAPAY designed with fraud resolution in mind. Some of the most common client gateways and CRMs we currently work with:


  • NMI
  • Netbilling
  • Rocketgate
  • Paypal


  • Konnective
  • Limelight
  • NATS
  • …and many more

Our system is very easy to use and we can get you set-up within 24 hours. In this portal, the merchant can receive alerts in real time whenever a transaction dispute is initiated. With Managed Services enabled, ChargebackHelp will automatically refund any disputed transactions. This resolves the dispute before it can become a chargeback.

Call 1(888)821-5302 and start fighting chargebacks with ChargebackHelp’s Managed Services.