Are you losing revenue to friendly fraud and chargebacks? If you’re processing their debit and credit cards, Visa and Mastercard have solutions to these problems. In order to use them effectively, you have to integrate these solutions into your transaction stream. Let’s take a look at each of the components that address the various disputes and chargebacks that are costing you, and how ChargebackHelp integrates total dispute management all under ChargebackHelp Plus.

Dispute management solutions require extensive and complicated integrations with the new Visa and Mastercard APIs. With our new dispute management portal ChargebackHelp Plus (CBH+), all the APIs and maintenance are handled seamlessly in our backend. The end result is that CBH+ merges all the moving parts from multiple providers into a single, simplified dispute management platform.

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Deflection is when the merchant can present adequate information to a cardholder who would otherwise not recognize a credit card transaction and get a chargeback, or to an issuing bank to prevent friendly fraud. The information a merchant provides here can prevent a dispute from ever going forward, hence a deflection.

DEFLECT merges merchant CRM, payment gateway and transaction data to send on-demand into the Visa and Mastercard networks which then routes that information to cardholders and issuers.

DEFLECT runs on the following integrations:


Verifi manages Visa’s suite of deflection products under “Verifi Prevent”. Currently, Prevent is composed of two modules: Verifi Order Insight and Visa VMPI. These integrations enhance online statement descriptors with additional information such as delivery confirmation, product and merchant info, and cardholder information such as device ID and IP address.

Mastercard has a similar module, without all the branding and acronyms. The routing of compelling evidence is managed for Mastercard by Ethoca’s Eliminator. Like VMPI/Order Insight, Ethoca sends merchant compelling evidence on demand to the issuer network.


Stolen credit card information is freely traded on the dark web. Users can purchase a batch of stolen card numbers and their authorization information and make purchases as if that information was cash money. Merchants can take preventative measures, but may also have to issue a refund to the victim who reports the fraudulent transaction.

Should a transaction not be deflected, CBH+RESOLVE allows the merchant to refund fraudulent transactions to avoid chargebacks. Merchants can set rules to automate the process or resolve disputes manually, depending on their needs.

RESOLVE provides merchants with this capability with these integrations:


“Verifi Resolve” is Visa’s suite of modules for chargeback prevention, which include:

RDR: Visa’s Rapid Dispute Resolution precede dispute and fraud alerts. Merchants create rulesets that trigger automatic refunds for certain transactions that are reported as fraudulent.

CDRN: This is Verifi’s popular system of dispute alerts that precede chargebacks. Disputes that are not deflected or resolved by RDR become alerts.

Again, Mastercard offers similar solutions to Visa, with less branding. They do not have an equivalent to RDR yet, but Mastercard’s SAFE data fraud data is distributed by MasterCom. Alerts are send by their subsidiary, Ethoca, which provides a platform similar to Verifi’s CDRN.


Friendly fraud is the fastest growing problem within the dispute ecosystem. Friendly fraudsters make a purchase, receive the product or service, and then report the transaction as fraud to steal back the money. It can affect any merchant whether high-risk or low, and typically attacks digital and subscription merchants and merchants of high-dollar items.

Should a transaction not be deflected, CBH+RESOLVE allows the merchant to refund fraudulent transactions to avoid chargebacks. Merchants can set rules to automate the process or resolve disputes manually, depending on their needs.


Delivery Confirmation

Cardholder IP address

CRM data

3DS authorizations

Purchasing device ID

Customer support logs

All these datapoints can be captured and organized into effective rebuttal letters required to overturn chargebacks. Regardless where the information comes from, CBH+RECOVER can configure it together and send it to the merchant’s acquiring bank for representment.


That’s a lot of information to digest. You likely would have preferred all this to be reduced to a single paragraph, and then get back to making money.
Well, that’s exactly what CBH+ does for merchants. It takes all these solutions and modules and condenses them into a single managed integration, so you can deal with disputes effectively and move on to more important things. And with all your dispute management in one place, that means all your dispute data is also in a single endpoint. In addition to a single integration, CBH+ provides you with the data you need to reduce disputes, improve customer service, and drive down costs.
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ChargebackHelp is in the business of following these complex developments in the payments industry. Our dispute management portal ChargebackHelp Plus was created to manage the ever-evolving products that help protect your merchant accounts from fraud and chargebacks. Regardless of acquisitions, branding, or more direct challenges like security vulnerabilities in these new platforms, CBH+ seamlessly manages the integrations and maintenance so merchants can focus on their core business.

ChargebackHelp provides custom chargeback prevention solutions that deflect disputes, resolve alerts, and recover merchant revenue lost to fraud. Our streamlined processes save our merchants from costly fees, penalties, and the risk of losing their credit card processing. Contact us for a free chargeback analysis and see what ChargebackHelp can do for you!

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