There is a common misconception about chargebacks going around, that they can be “reversed.” Lots of our competitors out there say you can reverse a chargeback through representment, but that’s fake news. The truth is, even if you can “reverse” a chargeback and snatch your revenue back from the jaws of friendly fraud, that chargeback stays on your record, affecting your processing ratio and jeopardizing your merchant account. Your mission, as a merchant, should foremost be to AVOID chargebacks, not to reverse them.


It’s one of life’s injustices, but once a chargeback is initiated, it goes on your record regardless of the outcome. VISA’s latest rule changes have mitigated this issue a bit. Merchants processing VISA now have a chance to submit compelling evidence before a dispute becomes a chargeback. Still, your position remains the same. Unless you intend to fight a dispute to recover your revenue, you should be preempting as many disputes as possible through managed alerts.

The reason why ChargebackHelp is so successful at reducing chargebacks by up to 40% is because we monitor alerts across all reporting agencies. Once we intercept the alert, we issue a refund on behalf of the merchant before it can become a chargeback. That’s the usual order of business. However, if we detect even a hint of friendly fraud, we highly encourage our merchants to use representment and fight the dispute.

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ChargebackHelp’s proprietary representment module is designed specifically to fight friendly fraud before they can become chargebacks. We work closely with our merchants to present all compelling evidence to the banks as soon as the alert is received. When we can tie the cardholder to the purchase they’re disputing before the dispute escalates, then you keep your money and without getting dinged on your chargeback ratio.

So now when you wonder how you can reverse a chargeback, that’s the result you should expect. Winning a representment is great but that initial chargeback goes on your record, and you still pay all the fees. Get with ChargebackHelp and stop chargebacks before they start. If you want to do the new year right, drop us a chat down on the right, shoot us an email, or go old-school and call us 1.800.975.9905.