Our mission at ChargebackHelp is to prevent chargebacks and safeguard your merchant accounts. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it’s important for merchants to know how to fortify their transactions with preventative measures without discouraging sales. Here, we’ll show you how.

While true fraud is committed by a distinctly criminal element, our very own customers most often commit friendly fraud. This is a key distinction because customer service plays a huge role in how merchants can preempt it.

1. Always deliver on what you promise your customers.

If your site claims that it updates daily, then it’s best to deliver exactly that. If you are shipping products and you claim to deliver them within 48 hours, then it had better be 48 hours. Just be clear and sincere all the way through the point of sale.

2. Have a thorough FAQ page and an easily accessible customer service page.

It also pays to outsource a customer support team that can handle your customer’s inquiries 24/7. This will build trust and will definitely minimize the chargebacks.

3. Give good disclosure.

Ensure your terms of purchase and billing are thorough yet easy to understand. Avoid legalese—nobody likes to read that. Make sure your terms are highly visible and get your customers to confirm them.

4. Have a flexible, accessible customer support.

According to Verifi, 86% of all consumers initiate disputes with their issuing banks, not the merchant. We’re not saying give away the farm, but returns cost less than chargebacks. Let your customers know they can to come to you first with any issues, 24/7.

5. Verify key details.

From the point of sale through fulfillment, ensure the information your customer provides is legit. Verify their address and email, fingerprint their device, get their CVV, and whenever possible get delivery confirmation.

Though these steps are not a panacea, they help you keep a low target profile and discourage fraudsters, while enhancing your customer’s experience with your brand. These are a few general steps you can take as a deterrent to friendly fraud. To build a line of defense custom tailored to your specific business needs, contact ChargebackHelp today.