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Chargeback Reversals

How to Win at Chargeback Reversals

Have a nice holiday? Good, now it’s time to burst your bubble… There’s no such thing a chargeback reversal. Lots of our competitors out there say you can reverse a chargeback through Read more …

reason for return

How to Win at Returns

Who knows what leads a customer to return a purchase? Honestly, if you did, you’d probably be reading this from your yacht, anchored off Seychelles. Sounds nice, right? Start thinking about how Read more …

Get that Chargeback Back!

Compelling Evidence Explained

We say it all the time at ChargebackHelp, “Knowledge is power.” And representment is another case in point. If you know when you should represent against a chargeback, your chances of winning representment increase significantly. Don’t be one of those merchants that waste time and effort representing every chargeback. Read more …

Rosie the Representer

Representment: Fighting words

Representment is a real word, despite what your spellcheck might think. You may not recognize the term, but if you’re a merchant, you’ve definitely been in a position where representment can help you out big time. Representment is the formal process by which merchants can dispute a chargeback, and if successful, recover the revenue at stake.

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Safeguards to profit from

How Friendly Fraud Can Actually Help Your Business.

Friendly fraud is the new “rubber check” because most issuing banks have a rubber stamp policy on chargebacks. Though the circumstances may vary, if a customer calls the number on the back of their card and asks for a chargeback, they’re going to get one. The transaction is six months old… doesn’t matter: chargeback. The customer did not contact the merchant… oh well, here you go: chargeback. The customer got what they paid for… yep: chargeback.

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Friendly fraud: customers caught in the act

Friendly Fraud, Awkward Enemy

As merchants, when we think of fraud, there’s nothing friendly about it. Yet the most common and costly form of fraud we face is called “friendly fraud.” The FBI currently ranks it as the #3 problem facing ecommerce. Here, we take a look at what’s so “friendly” about it, as well as the challenges and consequences merchants face from it.

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Five tactis to fight fraud

5 Tactics to Un-friend Friendly Fraud

Our mission at ChargebackHelp is to prevent chargebacks and safeguard your merchant accounts. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it’s important for merchants to know how to fortify their transactions with preventative measures without discouraging sales. Here, we’ll show you how.

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