ChargebackHelp is excited to add to their portfolio of services two new programs that will further help merchants recover lost revenue, increase customer retention, as well as identify and stop fraudulent activity. Decline Salvage helps you increase your customer retention and revenue that would otherwise be lost to card declines and Digital Device Fingerprinting verifies and authenticates activity to ensure that every transaction is legitimate.

“With Decline Salvage and Digital Device Fingerprinting, we can give our clients even more ways to protect their business,” said ChargebackHelp co-founder, Raja Roy-Choudhury. “We are committed to continually enhancing our services to serve the growing needs of our clients and their markets.”

Decline Salvage service resubmits previously declined transactions for re-approval and helps recover revenue that merchants might otherwise consider uncollectible. It enables merchants to retain customers they are on the verge of losing, increases customer lifetime value and boost profits. Digital Device Fingerprinting proactively identifies and stops fraudulent activity. The tool quickly and conveniently authenticates individuals online worldwide and identifies legitimacy to enable you to complete more transactions in less time. To learn more about Decline Salvage and Digital Device Fingerprinting, visit our Services page.

With the expanded portfolio of services available, companies can take advantage of more tools to protect themselves and sustain their revenue stream. Contact us today to get your free analysis and find out how we can help your business grow!

About ChargebackHelp

ChargebackHelp is a complete chargeback management solution for merchants that was founded by merchants who know the needs of a business and how to best protect them. As fraud becomes more commonplace, a merchant’s ability to detect and stop it before it happens has become vital. ChargebackHelp custom tailors packages for merchants in every vertical – including travel, online retailers, subscription services, telecommunications, nutraceutical, etc., ensuring that they receive the solutions that most benefit their unique needs.