ChargebackHelp’s new partnership with Universal Credit Trust gives our clients access to one of the world’s largest debt-collection agencies and the ability to collect on chargebacks in more than 100 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

US retail merchants lose more than $11 billion annually to chargebacks, and many of those losses are incurred on international sales. We are happy to announce that through the power of our partnership with UCT, we can now extend international revenue collections and chargeback prevention services in order to enable merchants to take advantage of international sales while protecting their businesses and bottom lines.

ChargebackHelp clients will gain access to expert collection processing in such major markets as China, India and Brazil, in addition to dozens of other nations. Selling offshore is a key growth strategy for many businesses, and preventing online fraud and reducing chargebacks are crucial to online merchants’ success. The ChargebackHelp-Universal Credit Trust alliance reduces the chargeback and fraud risks merchants typically incur when selling into new markets abroad.

We make it easy and hassle free, no need to worry about international compliance rules and additional costs for international debt recovery.

Contact your ChargebackHelp representative if you are interested in learning more, or email [email protected].