Now more than ever, it’s essential for merchants to build networks and get educated to protect their merchant accounts. Visa Inc. has tightened its requirements for merchants to prevent fraud and chargebacks. As a result, our embattled family of high-risk merchants has grown exponentially.

Our client roster ranges from luxury retailers, gift cards, B2B, health and beauty, online games, digital goods, dating and the adult industry. We leverage the significant transaction volume of our client base to achieve advantageous outcomes that our merchants could not achieve on their own.

If your business or an associate’s are concerned about their exposure to fraud and chargebacks, we can help. That’s why ChargebackHelp has introduced a referral program that is custom tailored for any business. We offer considerable discounts and incentives for clients and prospective clients that send us more business.

If you have someone in mind who could benefit from the services we provide, contact us today! Drop us a chat down on the right, shoot us an email, or go old-school and call us 1.800.975.9905.