Don’t go it alone when fighting chargebacks. Most merchants are very good at resolving disputes with their customers. But even if you’re at the top of your game at customer satisfaction, resolving disputes with issuing banks and card schemes is much more challenging. Here’s how ChargebackHelp can help you fight back.

When it comes to fraud disputes or refunds, customers typically sidestep the merchant and go directly to their credit card or the credit card’s issuing bank. At that point, merchants receive limited information about the disputed transaction and risk getting saddled with a chargeback regardless of the actual circumstances.

It’s always been crucial for merchants to keep a close eye on refunds, chargebacks, and fraud. But even the most vigilant merchant can wind up with an unexpected and undeserved chargeback. Prior to the Visa EU acquisition, merchants could maneuver around with a variety of options to avoid non-compliance. Not anymore, as those options have narrowed significantly. It’s now more important than ever for merchants to take steps to prevent chargebacks and get aggressive representment.

ChargebackHelp knows high-risk verticals. Our goal is to provide merchants with the most cost-effective solution to keep their merchant accounts healthy. Our managed services monitor fraud alerts 24/7 from both “friendly” fraud and “true” fraud. Our managed services resolve merchant disputes and reduce chargebacks up to 30%.

When chargebacks can’t be avoided, we then provide representment. We can guarantee successful outcomes for 40% of all representment cases, but depending on the ticket item, we have seen great results up to 75%.

Our client roster ranges from luxury retailers, gift cards, B2B, health and beauty, online games, digital goods, dating, and the adult industry. We leverage the significant transactional volume of our client base to achieve advantageous outcomes that our merchants could not achieve on their own. We know which disputes are winnable and act promptly on them.

Benefits of ChargebackHelp vs. Dealing direct

  • Single point of contact for all alerts
  • Alert management and resolution
  • Custom programming to suit the merchants’ needs
  • We work with merchants to ensure they get the data they need
  • One-month free trial to Verifi, plus trials for Ethoca as needed
  • Monthly invoicing

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that merchants stay on top of their merchant accounts to prevent and fight chargebacks. We can recover funds from fraud and safeguard the health of your merchant accounts. We offer free chargeback risk assessment, just give us a call or shoot us an email. Find out how our full spectrum of services can help ensure the risks you take to bring the rewards you seek, without any unwanted baggage.