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The New Visa Rules Explained

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, because knowledge dissolves uncertainty. And there has been a lot of uncertainty generated from the latest changes made by Visa. As your partner in reducing chargebacks, ChargebackHelp will also reduce the daunting complexities of this change into terms merchants can understand, and profit [...]

Visa’s Chargeback Clampdown

In November 2015, when Visa Inc. announced its acquisition of Visa EU, the markets barely seemed to notice the $23.4 billion transaction. Visa shares continued their steady blue-chip climb unfazed. But when the new Visa modified its fraud and chargeback monitoring in 2016, the other shoe dropped, right on top [...]

The Coming CNP Fraud Storm: Are You Prepared?

Fraud watchers are forecasting a stormy fall and winter for merchants who accept CNP transactions. By October, US retailers must convert from magnetic stripe card readers to more secure EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) terminals, to avoid fraud liability. EMV technology will reduce skimming and other POS-terminal fraud. But security [...]

Chargebacks and Fraud – What Every Business Should Know

Do you know how protected your business is? So many business don’t take the necessary steps to prevent chargebacks and fraud from happening, or they take action when it is already too late. We share some important practices you can implement to be proactive in keeping your business protected and [...]

ChargebackHelp Expands Merchant Services

ChargebackHelp is excited to add to their portfolio of services two new programs that will further help merchants recover lost revenue, increase customer retention, as well as identify and stop fraudulent activity. Decline Salvage helps you increase your customer retention and revenue that would otherwise be lost to card declines [...]