What Is Order Insight?

Order Insight sends transaction data to issuing banks to prevent cardholder inquiries from becoming disputes and chargebacks. When a cardholder sees a transaction on their statement they don’t recognize, OI sends further information to the statement descriptor, like product details and delivery confirmations. If cardholders and their banks have a more complete transaction picture, they are less likely to dispute it.

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Order Insight is just one part of ChargebackHelp’s dispute prevention module CBH+Deflect. Deflect uses multiple tools to send preemptive information to cardholders to prevent disputes, depending on the payment card used. For Visa transactions, that tool is Order Insight.

Our developers integrate your CRM, gateway, customer support — wherever your transaction data is — to get you deflecting disputes. Whenever there’s an update in the transaction stream – on your side or Visa’s — we manage it. All deflection cases can be accessed in CBH+Deflect, which displays every cardholder and issuer inquiry as they happen, regardless of payment method.


You can read the full drama that brought Order Insight to market here.

Verifi launched Order Insight in 2017. Shortly thereafter, Verifi was acquired by Visa. Visa had been developing a similar product with the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry. They rolled VMPI into Order Insight and launched a beta version with select issuers. Visa marketed the service for resellers under Visa Prevent. ChargebackHelp partnered with Visa and Verifi to provide Order Insight as part of our card-agnostic prevention tool CBH+Deflect.


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How does Order Insight work?2020-09-24T17:24:31+00:00

Starting from the merchant and working out to the cardholder, here’s how CBH+Deflect delivers Order Insight for merchants.

  1. CBH+Deflect configures and manages the APIs connecting the merchant transaction data to Verifi’s Order Insight.
  2. Order Insight sends order details, CRM data, delivery confirmations, etc as soon as it exists from Order Insight to Visa Resolve Online (VROL).
  3. VROL plugs the data into VisaNet which in turn passes it to the cardholder’s bank.
  4. Cardholder/Issuing Bank can then access whatever information is available on that connection, on demand, and in real time.
How effective is Order Insight at deflecting disputes?2020-09-24T18:16:37+00:00

Visa and Verifi tells us that Order Insight has a deflection rate of 42%. OI is also effective from a qualitative perspective. Give your customers the added service of deeper transaction details on their statements. Help issuers fight friendly fraud by sending them the evidence that ties purchases to the cardholder, before they issue a chargeback. If you’re getting disputes due to unrecognized transactions or from friendly fraud, Order Insight is going to help your transactions stick and save you from chargebacks.

Does Order Insight work for non-Visa transactions?2020-09-24T19:58:25+00:00

Short answer: no. Since OI is proprietary to Visa, it will only work with Visa Transactions. CBH+Deflect however integrates merchants with a similar product from Mastercard called Eliminator. So merchant data from Mastercard transactions will be sent through Deflect to Eliminator, not Order Insight. As other services from other cards come online, Deflect will integrate with these as well.


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