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Six Tips to Freeze Out Fraud for the Holidays

It's a special time of year for merchants, as the holiday frenzy converts into new-year revenue. But just like those holiday parties, the good times do have their attendant hangover...

Processing Explained, Simply

Back in the day, when you were selling lemonade as a kid, the transaction was simple: your neighbors would give cash directly to you in exchange for a cool refreshing beverage. Nowadays, you're selling goods and services across an array of banks, currencies and regulations that require multiple third [...]

What’s the Difference Between Credit and Debit Card Chargebacks?

The origin of the chargeback is forever tied to credit cards. Still, there are other "pieces of plastic" that can induce chargebacks, such as a debit card. To better understand your online business and chargebacks in general, you should be able to differ the dangers these two types of cards [...]

What is a Chargeback Fee?

“How much?” is perhaps the most-asked question of all time. Unfortunately, in the payments industry at least, it’s also the most difficult to answer. That’s especially true when it comes to how much do chargebacks cost for merchants. So many variables come into play when it comes to chargeback fees, [...]

What is High-risk Credit Card Processing?

In business, risk is defined as an action that promises a great reward while bearing great threats. These threats are what first comes to mind when a processor evaluates businesses, and still, some processors strive for risky ventures, aware of the mentioned award. In this article, we'll introduce you to [...]