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American Express Chargebacks – How Different Are They?

The card associations want their members to feel safe while using their credit card. Given the fact that fraud happens all the time in an online market, a secure system is a major selling point. American Express has a unique approach for this reason. AMEX differs from all other card [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Merchant Chargeback Rights

Time to read you your rights! Even within a system that is so thoroughly pro-cardholder, and thus merchant-unfriendly by proxy, merchants do have rights when dealing with chargebacks. Like most other rights, they only offer protection to those that know them. Take the following to heart and position yourself to [...]

5 PayPal Chargeback Scams & How to Prevent Them

Even though PayPal is well-known for being secure, easy to use, and easy to integrate if you're a seller, it doesn't come without its issues. As with most other payment processors, PayPal is susceptible to abuse, especially when it comes to PayPal chargeback fraud.

What’s In Your Wallet: Data breaches and you

Data hacks have far reaching consequences that affect all of us, especially merchants. While hacks of big data aggregators like CapitalOne make sensational headlines, smaller businesses like yours are the preferred target of hackers looking to steal and sell data.

Pumping Up Your Descriptors

There's a dizzying array of solutions out there that that prevent and resolve transaction disputes in the merchant's favor. Oftentimes, one suite of services overlaps with others, and merchants end up overpaying. Using our business relationships and economies of scale, ChargebackHelp can sift through these services to deliver comprehensive coverage [...]

The EU Payment Service Directive: Loopholes Edition

We've done a lot of research on many topics related to payments processing, and PSD2 is one of the most dry and dreary we have come across. First of all, it's legislation, so that puts it into the snooze column right away. But it also presents complex challenges for merchants [...]

How To Win With the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI)

The chargeback process has been unfair to merchants since its inception. VISA has recently made a commendable effort to balance the scales and help them reduce chargebacks under the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) program. The Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) sits at the heart of this program. Merchants must enroll [...]

A Brief History of Credit Cards

It's easy to mistake the concept of credit cards as relatively new; they seem so dependent on the hyper-connectivity of the Internet Age. But credit cards are old technology — old as money, maybe just as old as writing. So let's kill some time with a short trip into the [...]