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Developing Artificial Intelligence to Terminate Fraud

Vladimir Putin recently endorsed artificial intelligence as the key to world domination, and hence it’s his new BFF. Elon Musk just admitted that SpaceX was really an escape pod to other planets Read more …

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Payments Panacea In the Works

What if we told you there is a concerted, industry-wide solution in the works that will reduce fraud, friction, and abandonment in one fell swoop? Hard to believe, right? What if we added that this solution would also standardize processing and accommodate third-party payments so that users could choose their preferred payment method and make purchases anywhere on the internets… with a single click? Sounds totally craze-balls, we know, but guess what—it’s happening, right now! Read more …
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Hacking the Hype: The Equifax Breach

Now that all the click-bait panic buttons have been exhausted from the Equifax breach, we take a calm, collected look at it… from the perspective of black-hat experts. To them, the breach and its fallout are just business as usual. This wasn’t even the first major breach of a credit score agency, and not even the worst of its kind. So don’t expect a deluge of new fraud attacks; this latest breach is par for the course. The bigger concern is that big-data aggregators like Equifax consistently fail to adjust from these breaches.

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What the hell is 3D Secure?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you are doing things right! It means you’ve been doing your homework trying to protect your online business against fraud. And now ChargebackHelp is here to explain: what 3D Secure is and whether you need it for your business or not.

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Shopping cart friction

5 Steps to Reduce Checkout Friction

Checkout friction consists of all the different hoops a customer must jump through to buy your product. Some friction is necessary, some isn’t, but it all adds up to the leading cause of transaction abandonment for online merchants. So every merchant should evaluate their transaction process, and ensure their payment gateway is not cluttered with unnecessary friction points.

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Driven bad by reason codes

ChargebackHelp Reason Code Reference

When a transaction is charged back, the issuing banks will assign a reason code to the chargeback. Below is a list of all the major reason codes you will see from chargebacks Read more …

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5 mistakes you’re making in fraud prevention

1. You’re not capturing transactional data. We say it all the time, and we will continue to until it sinks in. Merchants need to capture key data on each transaction, including customer Read more …

tackling affiliate fraud

Tackling Affiliate Fraud

For many online merchants, affiliates are an indispensable source of leads and revenue. But if you have an affiliate program, you will inevitably face some form of affiliate fraud. We all want Read more …

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Red flags your gateway should be catching

We’ve put together a checklist of some key red flags that your gateway should be automated to catch in your transactions. It’s important for merchants’ gateways to check for all of these because one item alone won’t accurately qualify a transaction as fraudulent. Taken together, they can be highly useful to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. Are you checking these things?

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Managing Your Processing Reputation

When it comes to Reputation Management, most merchants are primarily concerned with their reputation with customers and how they deliver goods and services. While that’s certainly an important facet of “rep management”, Read more …