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Issuer, Acquirer, or Network? The Banks Explained

Here’s a deeper look at the different roles banks play in a transaction. It’s also important to know how the card networks fit into this process. There’s the issuing bank, which issues the payment card to the consumer. There’s the credit card network that authorizes the issuer to distribute their [...]

Does Square Protect Merchants From Chargebacks?

Square provides merchants with the ability to take credit card payments on mobile devices, phones, and tablets, in cases where otherwise they would not be able to. Merchants love the convenience, speed and simplicity of processing fast payments, and ease of use. Also, Square has its own system for controlling [...]

Visa & MasterCard Mandate for Subscription Transactions – What it means?

If you’re running an e-commerce business and are a subscription-based merchant, you have to store your customer’s payment credentials in order to make one-click or recurring payments possible. While storing payment credentials makes transactions faster and much easier, it’s a process susceptible to abuse. That’s why both Visa and MasterCard [...]

PayPal Chargebacks & Disputes – Useful Guide

Merchants processing transactions with Paypal can face disputes as with any other payment method. Know your merchant rights and how to resolve a dispute with a customer correctly in the Paypal Resolution Center. This merchant guide to Paypal disputes will show you the way.

PayPal Chargebacks- Everything You Should Know

If you’re selling services or products online, chances are you accept PayPal. Many merchants process PayPal because it’s user-friendly and relatively secure. However, as with all good things, there are a couple of caveats that can turn into an issue if you don’t handle things correctly. This article will give [...]

A PayPal Chargeback: Is the Seller Protection Program Enough?

PayPal is one of the largest payment companies in the world, with over 200 million active accounts, and a presence in more than 200 markets. It’s commonplace to see PayPal alongside VISA and MasterCard as a payment option for most online transactions (sorry, Discover). However, not everything is fine and [...]

How Does Zero Liability Policy Affect Merchants

Visa and MasterCard have "zero liability" policies in place in order to protect consumers against fraud. On the surface, this represents a way to ensure cardholders will always be protected from transactions they didn’t authorize. We’ll look at how these policies affect merchants. But first, let examine the details of [...]

Ethoca Chargeback Alerts – Useful Guide

In most cases, when a cardholder files a chargeback, merchant doesn't hear about it until it's too late. By using alert networks, merchants get notified of cardholders actions in real time and have a chance to resolve a dispute before they become chargebacks. One of the companies that give merchants [...]

Verifi CDRN Chargeback Alerts – Everything You Need to Know

There is no simple solution for avoiding chargebacks. Still, with the emergence of alert networks merchants got their chance to fight chargebacks on a more equal ground. One of the companies that helps merchants by alerting them of fraud and customer disputes is Verifi. Chargeback -- A merchant’s nightmare While [...]