How To Do a Chargeback Right

How To Do a Chargeback Right

If you’re a cardholder researching how to do a chargeback, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to show you the best way to resolve a disputed transaction to get the Read more …

what is an unsecured credit card

Unsecured vs. Secured Credit Cards: What it means for merchants

There are two basic types of credit cards you’ll be processing as merchants: secured and unsecured. It’s important to know the distinctions between the two and how they apply to your target Read more …

can you reverse a credit card payment

Quick Reads: Three types of payment reversals

One of the best examples of how the payments industry favors the cardholder over the merchant is how they reverse payments. Then there are three ways to reverse a transaction and only one way to prevent them. Transactions can be reversed by Authorization Reversal, by Refund, or by Chargeback. Read more …

acquiring bank vs issuing bank

Issuer, Acquirer, or Network? The banks explained.

Here’s a no-frills look at the different roles banks play in a transaction. It’s also important to know how the card networks fit into this process. There’s the issuing bank, which issues the payment card to the consumer. There’s the credit card network that authorizes the issuer to distribute their cards. And then there is the acquiring bank that receives the funds from a transaction for the merchant.

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How to Win at High-Risk Merchant Services

How to Win at High-Risk Merchant Services

We’ll just come out and say it: being a high-risk merchant can be a drag. The high-risk designation can seem like a fat target on your business’ back for superfluous account fees and hassles. The potential for processing fraud and chargebacks in your vertical can narrow your access to merchant services significantly. ChargebackHelp is here to help.

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Ticket fraud

Ticketing: A fraud favorite

Ticketing vendors have fast become a primary target for criminal fraud and chargeback fraud. Despite that the ticketing business is not considered a high-risk MCC by the credit cards, it’s actually a perfect environment for both types of fraud. Active resale markets and high ticket prices in this industry are a big draw for criminal fraud. And many of the security measures that ticket merchants take can also drive up friendly fraud. Let’s look at how both types of fraud attack the ticketing industry. Read more …

A Fraud Is Born: 5 common credit card frauds

Ever ask yourself “how did those credit card numbers get stolen?” You should, since this day and age we’re all potential victims of credit card fraud. We’ve looked at what happens once cardholder data is stolen here, and what merchants can do to prevent processing that data here, here, and here. Let’s come full circle now and look at the “birds and bees” of fraud—how fruadsters steal credit card info. Here are five common attacks used by credit card scammers and beyond that you should watch for as merchants and as consumers.

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credit cards

Merchant Services Made Easy: The 4 Basic Elements

Back in the day, when you were selling lemonade as a kid, the transaction was simple: your neighbors would give cash directly to you in exchange for a cool refreshing beverage. Nowadays, you’re selling goods and services across an array of banks, currencies and regulations that require multiple third parties to facilitate that same transaction between you and your customer.

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Driven bad by reason codes

The Anatomy of Transaction Fees

Plain talk: figuring out your processing costs can be a real pain in the cashflow. Card schemes like Visa and Mastercard have their own unique rate structures, as do the MSPs and Read more …

Visa's VCR Tape

VISA’s VCR might already be Betamax

If there’s one thing VISA loves — more than getting a piece of every transaction — it’s acronyms that start with V. In an attempt to improve how chargebacks are resolved, VISA has introduced the “Visa Claims Resolution Initiative,” otherwise known by the cutting-edge acronym “VCR”. Anyone who has dealt with VISA to resolve chargebacks knows an update has been sorely needed. Yet despite the demand, it is unclear whether the VCR will have the teeth it needs to deliver on its promises.

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