How to Win at the New VISA Rules

2019-06-25T19:14:30+00:00October 25th, 2018|

It's been just over six months since VISA mandated it's latest rule changes for chargebacks — pardon, "disputes". If you haven't yet, read our no-nonsense primer on the “Visa Claims [...]

How to Win at Transaction Descriptors

2019-10-07T23:22:44+00:00October 2nd, 2018|

Descriptors are the line items you see on your bank statement that describe each transaction. Merchants must navigate several factors to deliver concise descriptors that their customers will easily recognize. [...]

Managing Your Processing Reputation

2019-06-25T19:14:30+00:00July 3rd, 2017|

When it comes to Reputation Management, most merchants are primarily concerned with their reputation with customers and how they deliver goods and services. While that's certainly an important facet of [...]

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