We’ve put together a checklist of some key red flags that your gateway should be automated to catch in your transactions. It’s important for merchants’ gateways to check for all of these because one item alone won’t accurately qualify a transaction as fraudulent. Taken together, they can be highly useful to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. Are you checking these things?

Shopping Cart:

  • Larger than normal orders
  • Multiple orders of the same item, in different colors, sizes or subscriptions
  • Multiple orders from a single IP in succession
  • High value items ordered, repeatedly
  • Multiple failed order attempts


  • Billing and Shipping address mismatch
  • Overnight shipping, rush delivery
  • Destination Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe
  • Spelling errors or ALL CAPS


  • AVS verification fail
  • Multiple cards used on the same address
  • One card, multiple shipping addresses
  • Email verification fail
  • Unconventional email or phone number

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however they are generally useful for most merchants. These factors will vary by industry and the individual merchant. Figuring out what combination of these red flags will constitute fraud requires a bit of research into your fraud and chargeback history to better identify a fraudster’s footprint in your processing.