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Ancient bar tab

A Brief History of Credit Cards

It’s easy to mistake the concept of credit cards as relatively new; they seem so dependent on the hyper-connectivity of the Internet Age. But credit cards are old technology — old as Read more …

what is an unsecured credit card

Unsecured vs. Secured Credit Cards: What it means for merchants

There are two basic types of credit cards you’ll be processing as merchants: secured and unsecured. It’s important to know the distinctions between the two and how they apply to your target Read more …

acquiring bank vs issuing bank

Issuer, Acquirer, or Network? The banks explained.

Here’s a no-frills look at the different roles banks play in a transaction. It’s also important to know how the card networks fit into this process. There’s the issuing bank, which issues the payment card to the consumer. There’s the credit card network that authorizes the issuer to distribute their cards. And then there is the acquiring bank that receives the funds from a transaction for the merchant.

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3D Secure diagram

What the hell is 3D Secure?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you are doing things right! It means you’ve been doing your homework trying to protect your online business against fraud. And now ChargebackHelp is here to explain: what 3D Secure is and whether you need it for your business or not.

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Make Payment Great Again?

How the Trump Administration will affect merchants

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, we can safely agree the newly-minted Trump Administration will take a pro-business stance on financial regulation. That stance will undoubtedly affect the payments industry and, by proxy, merchants can expect to see some changes on the horizon. So let’s take a look at what this might mean for merchants, from an apolitical perspective (if such a thing still exists, sad!).

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