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what is pre arbitration

Arbitration is Not Your Friend

Arbitration chargebacks are the “ugly divorce” of transaction disputes. It means you have exhausted all reasonable recourse to resolve a dispute between you, the cardholder, and the banks, and you have to Read more …

Chargeback Reversals

How to Win at Chargeback Reversals

Have a nice holiday? Good, now it’s time to burst your bubble… There’s no such thing a chargeback reversal. Lots of our competitors out there say you can reverse a chargeback through Read more …

what is an authorization hold

Getting Paid: The Wild Ride of Authorizations

Compared to cash purchases, the authorization of credit card transactions is almost comically complicated. To really understand it, you have to read this in the voice of a sports announcer… “Cardholder takes Read more …

how do banks investigate disputes on debit cards

Customer Disputes: What happens?

Let’s pull back the curtain on what happens when a cardholder disputes a purchase. For many merchants, their understanding of this process begins and ends with receiving a chargeback. That’s the most Read more …

How to Win at Transaction Descriptors

How to Win at Transaction Descriptors

Descriptors are the line items you see on your bank statement that describe each transaction. Merchants must navigate several factors to deliver concise descriptors that their customers will easily recognize. Unclear, complicated Read more …

acquiring bank vs issuing bank

Issuer, Acquirer, or Network? The banks explained.

Here’s a no-frills look at the different roles banks play in a transaction. It’s also important to know how the card networks fit into this process. There’s the issuing bank, which issues the payment card to the consumer. There’s the credit card network that authorizes the issuer to distribute their cards. And then there is the acquiring bank that receives the funds from a transaction for the merchant.

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How to Win at High-Risk Merchant Services

How to Win at High-Risk Merchant Services

We’ll just come out and say it: being a high-risk merchant can be a drag. The high-risk designation can seem like a fat target on your business’ back for superfluous account fees and hassles. The potential for processing fraud and chargebacks in your vertical can narrow your access to merchant services significantly. ChargebackHelp is here to help.

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credit cards

Merchant Services Made Easy: The 4 Basic Elements

Back in the day, when you were selling lemonade as a kid, the transaction was simple: your neighbors would give cash directly to you in exchange for a cool refreshing beverage. Nowadays, you’re selling goods and services across an array of banks, currencies and regulations that require multiple third parties to facilitate that same transaction between you and your customer.

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3D Secure diagram

What the hell is 3D Secure?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you are doing things right! It means you’ve been doing your homework trying to protect your online business against fraud. And now ChargebackHelp is here to explain: what 3D Secure is and whether you need it for your business or not.

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