Pumping Up Your Descriptors

2020-08-21T19:22:50+00:00July 2nd, 2019|

There's a dizzying array of solutions out there that that prevent and resolve transaction disputes in the merchant's favor. Oftentimes, one suite of services over laps with others, and merchants [...]

Arbitration is Not Your Friend

2020-08-21T18:30:06+00:00January 10th, 2019|

Arbitration chargebacks are the "ugly divorce" of transaction disputes. It means you have exhausted all reasonable recourse to resolve a dispute between you, the cardholder, and the banks, and you [...]

The Chargeback Process Explained

2019-12-05T17:08:50+00:00October 1st, 2018|

The chargeback is a complex dispute process that is mostly hidden to the merchant. This process is in dire need of an update to improve communication and deter friendly fraud. [...]

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