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The Merchant's Bill

The Merchant’s Bill of Chargeback Rights

Time to read you your rights. Even within a system that is so thoroughly pro-cardholder, and thus merchant-unfriendly by proxy, merchants do have rights when dealing with chargebacks. Like most other rights, Read more …

what is pre arbitration

Arbitration is Not Your Friend

Arbitration chargebacks are the “ugly divorce” of transaction disputes. It means you have exhausted all reasonable recourse to resolve a dispute between you, the cardholder, and the banks, and you have to Read more …

The Chargeback Process Explained

The Chargeback Process Explained

The chargeback is a complex dispute process that is mostly hidden to the merchant. This process is in dire need of an update to improve communication and deter friendly fraud. Some improvements Read more …

can you reverse a credit card payment

Quick Reads: Three types of payment reversals

One of the best examples of how the payments industry favors the cardholder over the merchant is how they reverse payments. Then there are three ways to reverse a transaction and only one way to prevent them. Transactions can be reversed by Authorization Reversal, by Refund, or by Chargeback. Read more …

Driven bad by reason codes

ChargebackHelp Reason Code Reference

When a transaction is charged back, the issuing banks will assign a reason code to the chargeback. Below is a list of all the major reason codes you will see from chargebacks Read more …

Get that Chargeback Back!

Compelling Evidence Explained

We say it all the time at ChargebackHelp, “Knowledge is power.” And representment is another case in point. If you know when you should represent against a chargeback, your chances of winning representment increase significantly. Don’t be one of those merchants that waste time and effort representing every chargeback. Read more …

Rosie the Representer

Representment: Fighting words

Representment is a real word, despite what your spellcheck might think. You may not recognize the term, but if you’re a merchant, you’ve definitely been in a position where representment can help you out big time. Representment is the formal process by which merchants can dispute a chargeback, and if successful, recover the revenue at stake.

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Safeguards to profit from

How Friendly Fraud Can Actually Help Your Business.

Friendly fraud is the new “rubber check” because most issuing banks have a rubber stamp policy on chargebacks. Though the circumstances may vary, if a customer calls the number on the back of their card and asks for a chargeback, they’re going to get one. The transaction is six months old… doesn’t matter: chargeback. The customer did not contact the merchant… oh well, here you go: chargeback. The customer got what they paid for… yep: chargeback.

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Nerd gilr in boxing gloves

Fighting Back With ChargebackHelp

Don’t go it alone when fighting chargebacks. Most merchants are very good at resolving disputes with their customers. But even if you’re at the top of your game at customer satisfaction, resolving disputes with issuing banks and card schemes is much more challenging. Here’s how ChargebackHelp can help you fight back.

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